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our planet is pretty cool, let's keep it that way

Who we are.

We are skiers, boarders, bikers, hikers and anyone who loves being outside. We care about the great outdoors, especially our mountains. Nature gives us so much and we want to give back. This is our community.

We work with local landholders in the Snowy Mountains area of New South Wales, Australia to help restore and regenerate land through our tree planting program.

What we do.

We plant trees, it's that simple. Trees help drawdown carbon from the atmosphere which is good for the planet. Our trees help to create new habitats for wildlife and beautify the natural environment.


How you can help.



We hold many planting days throughout the year and we are always looking for volunteers to help us out. Planting season runs every spring and autumn. 

Keen to come along and get your hands dirty? 



$5 plants one tree in the Snowy Mountains.


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Where we plant.

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