Keep It Cool + Thredbo

We're beyond excited to announce our partnership with Thredbo. They have always been a leader in the environmental space, so it was only natural that there would be some amazing opportunities for us working together.

The process started over 6 months ago when we met with Euan Diver and his environmental team. We chatted about all things trees and the environment and how we could possibly work together on some positive climate initiatives. The team at Thredbo are really proactive in reducing the environmental impact of the resort operations. And we came up with some great ideas. So for the past little while we've been working with the enviro team to look at ways we can offset some of Thredbo's emissions through local tree planting and even using some of the compost generated on-site in some of our plantings.

Getting the word out is a very important part of what we do. So we will be working closely with the marketing team to spread the message and promote positive climate awareness. Stay tuned for all the cool things we're working on for our new partnership, and hopefully we can get everyone in a COVID safe way very, very soon.

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