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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

This is the first entry of many for our blog 'all things cool'. We'll be using this blog to dive deeper into all of the elements that make up Keep It Cool. While looking at all the positives and negatives happening in our natural environment in Australia and around the world.

In this first blog we thought it would be a good idea to provide a little bit of insight into what it takes to get trees into the ground. From land acquisition, through to funding and ultimately planting.

Pre planning

The two most important factors we deal with are access to land and raising funds. Before we can even begin to plan a planting we need to secure at least one of these elements. Usually they are interchangeable. So, if we secure the land, then we work hard to secure the funding to plant that land. Or, if we secure funding, then we work hard to secure land that we can use to spend the money we have raised planting trees. In a perfect world, everything aligns and we secure both in quick succession.

Consultation with landholders

We work with landholders to secure sites for planting. Working with both private landholders and public/crown lands we aim to assess potential sites and then designate a planting plan that amplifies the existing ecosystem. Beautifying the natural environment, providing habitat for native fauna and drawing down carbon from the atmosphere.


At Keep It Cool we have three main income streams -

Grants -

these can come from both the private and public sectors. We’re always on the lookout for grants that align with our values and will help us on our mission.

Partnerships -

We work to build relationships with brands and companies that share our vision. These come in all shapes and sizes. We like to get creative with our partners and develop ways to raise funds that benefits everyone.

Community donations -

These come from you. You can always donate to Keep it Cool via our website. Every cent of your donation goes towards more trees in the ground. At $5 a tree, it’s a small price to pay to be part of a movement that makes a huge difference.

Planning and preparation

Once we have a planting site and funding secured, we get to work. The first step is to order the plants. These usually come in the form of tube stock (small saplings), these need to be ordered around 3 months in advance. Typically, in the Snowy Mountains regions there are very short windows in spring and autumn in which you can plant. So timing is extremely important. With the plants ordered we then prepare the ground for planting by managing any weeds, making holes for the plants and adding any necessary elements to the soil to help with plant growth.

Community planting

Now the fun part, getting the trees into the ground. This is where you come in. We put out the call for volunteers to come and help us plant trees. With all the preparation already done, all you need to do is put the tree in the ground and cover it with soil. Easy. We welcome people of all ages and abilities. We’ll have music, some food and some cold drinks to thank you for all your hard work.

Follow up

We’re passionate about making sure all our plantings are as effective as possible. So we do regular follow ups on our planting sites. Working with ecologists to assess and rectify any issues.

When all of these steps come together the end result is a thriving planting site, that is happy and healthy. The site will go on to add to the local ecology and enhance the ecosystem. With plants that draw-down carbon, provide habitat for native fauna and help to beautify the natural environment.

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